give me time, im still doing this

these are the ones that are currently mirrored here. stick them on the end of the url and youll get something that isnt a 404. ...yeah rn theres just 2, this is honestly far more exhausting than it looks


im assuming you already know what an object show is. the asset just means the characters body, minus the limbs. thats how they get animated. this is where i dump all the ones i have found/made myself


Because i want and i kind of need a bunch of object show assets in 1 place, rather than scattered across multiple wikis, and multiple pages on said wikis, and some others i only have saved in my phones gallery, some to my knowledge just havent been ripped by anyone, point is its hard enough to find them that i felt a need to make this.

I need [object show]!!! / You dont have this asset!!! / any variation of 'add this to the website'

Well, statistically speaking, chances are that I probably dont care about, or maybe even know, about that show. there are a lot of object shows! Here is a google form where you can add that image, and then i'll copy it into this website. Just give me time.

Do you want those wikis i mentioned?

Here is a list. If the one you wnat isnt there, you can probably find them on google. search '[object show] wiki,' or if youre feeling fancy '[object show]' and just search 'assets' on the wiki or replace the page name in the url with that.